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With the Burst Pack, get thousands of new players/users in a really short period of time, this large volume of installs will provide you an incredible visibility in the App Store.

To organize a successfull burst campaign, it's important to choose a strategic date and time. Also the editorials that describe your App are essential to increase the desire of our users to discover your App. Finally we can help you to translate the App Store description in English/French to have a better understanding of what your App/Game does.

In less than 8 hours, we generate through our network, a large volume of installs. You will get thousands of new players/users and organic downloads. The relative success of this kind of campaign, depends directly on the virality that your App will produce.

We have our own community that represents more than 1 million users in France. With MediaSwapp, you will get players/users from our network only. We will never sell to you another traffic source.

The Soft Pack controls the daily volume of downloads in order to stabilize the visibility on the App Store and keep a constant eye on the quality of the traffic.

In the case of acquisition model, the most important point is to determine the necessary amount of downloads to reach the wanted level of visibility. Then the goal is to keep a constant daily volume in order to get the best quality organic downloads. The goal is to catch the curiosity of users that will always see your App when they navigate on the App Store. By keeping this constant visibility you will insure a strong plan of acquisition that is controled and analysed.

Having a good visibility in your category has lots of advantages such as ensuring the prestige of the brand, getting hundreds/thousands of organics downloads everyday, creating virality on the web and social networks, feeding word of mouth and more…

We have our own community that represents more than 1 million users in France. With MediaSwapp, you will get players/users from our network only. We will never sell to you another traffic source.

tracking platforms

AD-X, Adeven, Adways Interactive, Apsalar, AppsFlyer, CyberAgent, CyberZ, HasOffers, Kochava, Kontagent, Localytics, Septeni and Swrve are all the tracking platforms that are integrated with MediaSwapp

"Quick launch of your campaign and quality tracking of our traffic."

tracking schema

What can we track ?

With the iOS 7, Apple decided to deprecate the UDID, MAC ADDRESS and all kinds of unique device ID. But they created the IDFA that permits to identify a device and gives to the user the capability to deactivate the tracking. It's a big change for the industry but fair regarding user rights. MediaSwapp work with UDID (iOS 6) {RAW+MD5}, MAC ADDRESS (iOS 6) {RAW+MD5}, OPEN UDID (iOS 6+7) {RAW+MD5}, IDFA (iOS 6+7) {RAW+MD5} and the CLICK ID methodoly.

No tracking ?

In the case you don't have any tracking system, MediaSwapp is able to use the askotrack© technology that permit us to track if your app is installed or not on the user device.


User Engagement

Our traffic is qualified as "soft incentiv" because our goal is not just to sell installs, but mainly, engage the users! That's why we created a complete process composed by a survey, a minimum time of test and quality editorials.


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